Colors All Around Letter

September 11, 2009 

Colors All Around
       The next two weeks we will be talking about colors in our classroom. Each day we will focus on a different color and I am including a schedule so that you may incorporate our theme at home with your child. I’ve also suggested a few things you can do to make these weeks fun for your child while they are learning about different colors.  Optional idea: have your child wear a clothing item with the color of the day.
Thank you!
Mrs. Stroud

Week 1
Snack ideas: apple slices, strawberries, watermelon
*Sort laundry by color & make a “red” pile.
Snack ideas:
Blue berries, add a few drops of blue food coloring to cream cheese & spread on a bagel.
Snack ideas:
Banana, yellow Jell-o, pineapple
*Observe the sun & stars.
*Look for yellow objects in magazine.
Snack ideas:
Green apples, lime yogurt
*Go on a nature walk & point out things that are green.
Week 2
Snack ideas:
Grapes, grape juice, fruit snacks
*Make a “Purple Cow” (vanilla ice cream, grape juice & milk – blend)
Snack ideas:
Carrots, oranges, orange juice
*Carve a pumpkin.
*In the car, look for orange signs.
Snack ideas:
Pink lemonade, jellybeans, grapefruit
*Visit a petting zoo or farm and look at pigs.
Black & White
Licorice, Oreos, milk and chocolate pudding, popcorn
*Look at old black/white pictures.